Thursday, 11 August 2016

Lesson 2 - Basic Jargon. Bridge Terms

Before we go any further, let's look at some of the basic bridge terms..  In many of the following lesson you will read terms such as "dummy" and "declarer".  Who are they are and what role are they playing in the game you are playing?

The Dealer. As we saw in lesson one, there are 4 players who play as two partnership, N/S and E/W.  It is usual to decide who are playing together as partners before the game starts.  Players can then draw cards from a deck to decide who will be the "dealer".  If you are playing at home the dealer will then deal the cards, dealing clockwise around the table and starting with the player to their left.  If you are playing in a lesson or club it is likely that the cards will have been pre-dealt and you will be handed them in a wallet.  In this case the dealer is just a nominal position.

The Opener - This is the player who makes the first bid that isn't a "pass".  (More about this later)

The Responder - is the "opener's" partner.

The Declarer - The first player to bid the suit that the game is played in (more later)

The Dummy - Declarer's partner.  After the first card is played, Dummy turns their cards face up and takes no further part in the game.

Major Suit - Spades and Hearts are the major suits and are worth more when scoring a game of bridge.

Minor Suit - Diamonds and Clubs are the minor suits.

Contract - see lesson 4

As you learn more you will also come across bridge terms such as:

Bidding Convention. Some bids that are used when playing bridge can have a special meaning.  It's a bit complicated to explain right now, when you are just beginning.  Partners agree before playing which bidding conventions they are using so that they know and understand when a special bid is made.

For example - a bid of 2 Clubs usually tells your partner that you are holding a certain number of clubs and a certain number of points.  However, in some circumstances it tells your partner nothing about your hand but is actually a question - asking  your partner if they hold 4 or more cards in one of the major suits - hearts or spades.

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